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What is QUNO?

The Quaker United Nations Office, located in Geneva and in New York, represents Quakers through Friends World Committee for Consultation (FWCC). Since the founding of the United Nations in 1945, Quakers have shared that organisation’s aims and supported its efforts to abolish war and promote peaceful resolution of conflicts, human rights, economic justice and good governance.

FWCC, which links Quakers around the world, has had consultative status with the United Nations’ Economic and Social Council as an international non-governmental organization since 1948. This status allows the QUNO staff to attend many UN meetings, to receive documents and to make written and oral statements. QUNO staff also work with other multilateral organisations, such as the World Trade Organisation, International Labour Organisation, World Bank, International Monetary Fund and others relevant to our areas of concern.

Latest Reports:

Voces de jovenes excombatientes (Spanish Translation of 'Voices of Girl Soldiers'). By Yvonne E. Keairns (pdf, 996 kb)

Resolution de Conflits et Diminution de la Demande en Armes Legeres - Sommaire. D. Jackman, traduction par Hélène Atwood (In PDF format, 376 kb)

Child Soldiers Global Report 2004 By the Coalition to Stop the Use of Child Soldiers (of which QUNO-Geneva is a member).

The delegates who gathered in San Francisco from 25.4.1945 onwards for the meeting which drafted the UN Charter had a 'Peace' rose each in their rooms. This rose is also known as 'Gloria Dei'.


Who are the Quakers?

Who are the Quakers?
Quakers hold to a way of life rather than a dogma or creed. ‘Quakers’ started as a nickname – they call themselves the Religious Society of Friends or Friends Church – but they are now generally known as Quakers or Friends. The Quaker movement began in England in the 1650s, when its founder, George Fox, gathered together those who sought to live and worship in accordance with the living spirit of Christ. Worldwide, Quakers now number around 340.000, with the majority in Africa and the Americas. As part of its worldwide religious witness, this small group of people maintains two offices, in Geneva and New York. They work with the UN system on a wide range of issues, linking international policy goals with grassroots perspectives.
Quakers aim to live simply and truthfully, working for a more just, equitable and peaceful world. Their commitment to non-violence in thought, word and deed is based on living out the word of God, as known in the life and teachings of Jesus, as well as from the word of God known in their own hearts and demonstrated in the lives of others. It can be described, in the words of the early Quaker leader George Fox, as "answering that of God in every one", or as seeking the inward light in each person. The Quaker faith is rooted in Christianity. Many Friends have learned from the witness of other faiths. Both locally and internationally Friends work with other religious and secular organisations.

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